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The Caretaker - Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... download album

  • Performer: The Caretaker
  • Album: Take Care. It's A Desert Out There...
  • FLAC: 1305 mb | MP3: 1241 mb
  • Released: 2017
  • Country: UK
  • Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 599
  • Format: WAV MP1 AU MP2 AAC VQF DXD
The Caretaker - Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... download album

Remembered by The Caretaker. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu. The Caretaker - We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow ( Full Album ) - Продолжительность: 51:39 You've probably never heard of it.

It’s A Desert Out There. There is a fog of dead voices descending. I can hear the sound of crackle, of static memory. There's an old gramophone record playing somewhere but it is fading slowly away. I am standing in the centre of The Caretaker's latest release - "Take care. in memory of and for Mark Fisher. The album is not simply in memory "of" but "for" too. What does this mean, or what could it mean? Memory is key to Fisher's work, the pivot upon which a number of his ideas turn. Posted on December 9, 2017September 27, 2018 by xenogothic. Clips and pops fill a grand theatre whilst two armchairs sit empty centre stage. A hat stand, bare, can be seen towards the back of stage left. I remember particularly well how that album somehow worked when played back to back with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replica and whenever I hear one now I also, in my mind’s ear, hear the other. Together they were on a constant rotation for days and days at a time. Just before the house lights went down inside the Barbican, I had been handed a CD by an usher. The sounds of The Caretaker now round out a year of painful listening experiences with something far more bittersweet. Tonight, I felt like I had watched Leyland Kirby have one last spirited conversation with Mark, and it was a pleasure to have done so. UPDATE

The Caretaker is a long-running project by electronic musician James Leyland Kirby, who also records as V/Vm. His work under the Caretaker moniker has been characterised as exploring memory and the gradual deteoriation of it, nostalgia, and melancholia His works have received critical acclaim in publications such as The Wire and BBC Music, and the project was a favourite of . .Everywhere at the end of time (Stage 4) (2018).

Everything works & we make it failproof for all years to come.

A new album of exclusive, previously unreleased material from The Caretaker released in memory of and for Mark Fisher, the legendary writer, cultural theorist and pioneering blogger (k-punk) who passed away on the 13th January 2017. Copies of this release were given to all attendees of The Caretaker’s Barbican performance for Unsound Disclocation last week. 100% of proceeds from this release will be donated to MIND, the mental health charity.

멘트를 게시했습니다 에 The Caretaker - Take Care. Leyland Kirby and Ivan Seal sat and drank whisky centre stage in old leather chairs, with visuals projected by wierdcore (maybe live VJ set?), these were very much. 체 리뷰 보기. 코멘트를 게시했습니다 에 Autechre - JNSN CODE GL16, spl47.

The Caretaker - 2017 - Take Care, It's a Desert Out There. Take Care, It's a Desert Out There.

It’s first three albums- Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 -felt like retreads of sounds and ideas the Caretaker’s earlier masterpiece already perfected. But if Everywhere at the End of Time’s trajectory felt predictable at the halfway point, the dark, disorienting Stage 4 marks a total reconfiguration. It’s the Caretaker’s best record since Empty Bliss while evolving its sound in new and often frightening ways. One of our natural responses to things like that has always been to turn them into art, but there’s always a risk of pale romanticization. Stage Four becomes much more empathetic because it offers no such romance as the Caretaker closes in on the end-only confusion, terror, and tragedy. Like the end of The Shining, the ghosts and memories are taking over, and it’s as difficult to watch as it is to look away.

The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of The Timejarballe. 2 년 전. 0:00 It's just a burning memory 3:32 We don't have many days 7:02 Late afternoon drifting 12:37 Childishly fresh eyes 15:35 Slightly bewildered 17:36 Things. There will be no repress. It's a desert out there.


Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... 48:33


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HAFTW024 The Caretaker Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... ‎(File, FLAC, Album) History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW024 UK 2018
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HAFTW024 The Caretaker Take Care. It's A Desert Out There... ‎(File, WAV, Album) History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW024 UK 2018

I got a sealed copy (not signed) with the K-Punk book and already have a signed copy. if anyone is interested, message me. would love to trade it for something!
Can't believe this is even allowed to be sold by Discogs given the nature of the material, not to mention the blatant "please don't resell for personal profit" request. Stopped buying from a seller because I just noticed this in his catalog. Absolutely infuriating.
Уou ll never walk alone
I have a couple of sealed copies that I assumed were going to be binned after the Barbican show because there were loads left. I did donate to MIND and rather than sell for profit I'd be up for swapping for something in my wantlist or something you'll think I'll like. Swap in person in London would be ideal but I'm open to posting. I'll remove this if people think it's against the spirit of the release.
I'm a Russian Occupant
Reselling Limited Releases for Personal Profit - Is There No Alternative?
furious ox
A few more copies just been released by Boomkat for sale online at original £15 price. By quick to purchase before the vultures buy to resell.
Hopefully this gets a proper vinyl press eventually to join the rest of my Caretaker catalog...
This is back in stock on Boomkat for anyone that doesn't want to pay over the odds from any bad dickheads charging loads for this CD.https://boomkat.com/products/take-care-it-s-a-desert-out-there
I need to buy a cd player so I can listen to the f##cker hahaha! I thought I was buying a vinyl from boomkat! (I know,I'm an idiot! It's just that I usually miss out and in my lager fuelled haste bought it without checking!)
Absolutely disheartening to see this beautiful work being sold for such extortionist prices.
I'd like to think that those who attended the Barbican show were genuine fans; a majority that were clued up on the charitable tribute it paid to Mark Fisher, one that acknowledged not only the loss of a superb theorist & critical thinker, but the post-capitalist worries that drove such self-aware intelligence to take ones own life.If you chose to sell your limited edition gig copy, do consider how you obtained it. As you pass it on, be sure to pass on the acclaimed writings by Mark Fisher! I sincerely believe his theories will amount greater cultural significance and worryingly topical relevance in the coming years.Memories; shared moments; the disintegration of privacy; the abundant array of choices & customization of daily minutiae. Nostalgia for a future that never was. Typical of Kirby's production, your mind laments the cyberverse and pines for something real, something simple.
"All costs of production were personally paid for with no cash coming back and 100% of sales money being donated to MIND. If people at the show who got a disc choose to sell them online for personal profit then that is about them. It states on the discs not to sell for personal profit and to donate money to MIND. It is what it is, it was what it was and this was done for the memory of Mark Fisher not as some sort of elite fetishism of the limited." - LK
Btw, also the mastering was done free of charge in support of the project
glad to own #12. A great work. People should definitely just wait for additional copies.
its a shame to resold this lovely work for profit.
Imagine being that cunt who sells this on for £40
I have one for sale.i only want what I paid for it (£16.68) plus postage to wherever you are.i usually miss out on James' stuff from boomkat and in my lager-fuelled haste I ordered it without realising it was a cd and not vinyl! Living up to my username. ????
For those who missed this one 300-400 more copies will be made available some point early next year. These will be sealed copies which were left down at The Barbican after copies were given away at the show. Proceeds from this sales will also be donated in full to MIND.
Can we preorder now more words are necessary to post this?
For anyone who missed buying this please do not support the sharks. The audio is up on YouTube now at: https://youtu.be/zStMy1ORJek For you to listen to alongside other music by James. Also recommended is his friend who records under the name Animal and Janksy Noise his YouTube page is Raxham Roger and you may notice musical similarities between him and James as they were initially collaborators together on the first early V/VM releases.I do find it odd now that James embraces The Wire magazine especially as his early releases were an attack and parody of artists like Merzbow, The Hacker etc that The Wire was pretentiously writing about.The funniest thing about the sharks selling the copies they got at the gig is those copies are worth less than the 350 signed copies sold via Boomkat.
Also worth mentioning is the Christmess Stocking album (end of 2016 !) which among other gems contains a nice rework of Nils Frahm's preciousness and an equally necessary rework's rework's rework's of the Stranger Things' rework's rework's rework's OST (so embarrassing, this one : still they got amazing reviews and were invited at Unsound... it was time they were told some truth). So thank you James for keeping the spirit of V/VM's up :)
I released a Mrs Mills V/Vm version of Tim Hecker's last album last year bubcentral. I can't see how you come to the conclusion I'm embracing The Wire magazine. They barely acknowledge Caretaker/solo releases I do and for 'An empty bliss' the reviewer stated it would be better in their opinion with no crackle. It is what it is like it always was and always will be.
sunrise bird
It's now up on Boomkat @ 15th Dec, 2017, 16:30pm UK. https://boomkat.com/products/take-care-it-s-a-desert-out-there
Usual case with all things 'Caretaker'. The worst thing is, many people will have bought more than one copy so they can pocket a small fortune on here from fans who didn't secure a copy in time.
And as quickly as it arrived, it was gone. . .
In case somebody is interested in the actuall music herein, and not the price tag mumbo-jumbo, this here is mostly a static dark ambient piece of work in the likes of Lustmord, with few changes in the volume and distortion here and there..Solitary and dark.
Imagine being the guy who stuck it straight on at £40 anyway.
Must have. I own all of your works. Mandatory release.
I had tickets for months and in the end was unable to make the concert. If this does not become available through an official channel with proceeds to MIND, would someone consider sending me a copy with me providing proof of a donation to MIND? Of course, I would pay for postage etc.
Hey dude, check Leyland's Facebook if you haven't already. He's selling a run of these CD's soon for those who missed it. Anyway, I hope you manage get a copy as it's a lovely piece.
There are 350 signed copies going on general sale soon
You couldn't really call it a gig at the Barbican, more of a theatrical listening party. Leyland Kirby and Ivan Seal sat and drank whisky centre stage in old leather chairs, with visuals projected by wierdcore (maybe live VJ set?), these were very much reminiscent of the youtube videos he's done with the Everywhere at the End of Time albums with some old ballroom footage mashed up and a fair few Ivan Seal paintings which are always stunning and mind melting, they rippled like water and changed in frames on virtual walls. I find the video generally a bit digital looking for such an analogue sound, they look a bit like low fi computer games which I'm not particularly into but try to be open, I think they largely match the mood. Leyland got up twice to mime into the mic to a couple of songs and the whisky sipping pair made chit chat through out which we could only speculate on over the noise. I enjoyed the music very much, a lot of distortion and base through the large system, I feel like the Caretaker hasn't done so much pure noise since the early days so It's good to hear more on that angle (more of that to come on the Everywhere at the End of Time series as well I should think), tracks chopped about and it took the form of an LP, a few familiar ones but not quite as I've ever heard them before, mostly totally new and very distorted sound. I thought the CD would be the music from the night, however it isn't at all. It's a dreamy ambient world of reverb most closely resembling deleted scenes, forgotten dreams from his discography. I've never heard the Caretaker at such volume as at the Barbican so was a unique experience on many levels. It felt a bit like 3 artists with very distinct voices, Kirbys' music, Seals' paintings and wierdcores' digital moving image. They all looked to the same point but by taking their own paths. CD was a lovely touch, hope every one who wants one can get one such that it benefits MIND, there were stacks of CDs laying about at the end. Take care Caretaker.
Where can I buy this? Please enter at least one more.
"...this disc has been self funded and should not be resold for personal profit."Please consider making a donation to MIND or a similar mental health charity in the name of Mark Fisher:https://www.mind.org.uk/get-involved/donate-or-fundraise/donate/
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