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Humans Are The Worst Invention - Humans Are The Worst Invention download album

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Humans Are The Worst Invention - Humans Are The Worst Invention download album

Inventions that were worst for the world, for the most part, are all things created with good intentions that have changed the world for eternity. While few inventions are perfect, these stand out as among the best that created the worst outcomes. These are not just products nobody needs these.

Lunch With Beardo v Humans Are the Worst Invention @ Six Mohonk. George Bush skips lunch. One of the rare early shows with food.

The 50 Worst Inventions.

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20 Worst Inventions Ever. By Nooh Kazi on. January 14, 2014 - Like us now! Inventions, the world is full of inventions with primary purpose to make human life easier, comfortable and more purposeful. But there is no lack of such inventions which are utterly useless and sometimes, devastating. He was so confident about his new invention that he decided to jump off the Eifel Tower, unfortunately the fancy piece didn’t work leading to the death of the inventor. 10. Nintendo Virtual Boy. The Nintendo Virtual Boy is one of the shortest lived gaming consoles ever. Ads are annoying and simply unavoidable in the online world and pop up ads is the worst annoying form, even though there are plenty of pop up blockers, yet they somehow manage to appear in different browser windows, eating up your internet bandwidth to load up. 12. Phone Finger.

Humans Are The Worst Invention ‎– Humans Are The Worst Invention. Label: FDH Records ‎– none.

Before the invention of shoes, there was the danger of getting bit by a poisonous insect, lizard or snake, or stepping on something really dangerous that could kill you. Because of this, people were afraid of walking in the nature they live in so they invented shoes to protect their feet. With shoes people broke their walls and got on their way to different lands. As they walked, they got more and more curious about the place they are in, they discovered the beauty and the mistery. Shoes are almost the most important invention which opened humanity’s mind to the world.

Water wheels are often neglected from the most notable inventions that changed history. But let’s not forget about the first invention that helped mankind to generate power from sources other than humans and animals. The waterwheel was invented by Roman engineer Vitruvius. It converts the force exerted by flowing or falling water into mechanical energy. All the buildings that stand tall from skyscrapers to even the single storied ones use the same combination of materials that keep them together without toppling over – Concrete. The invention of concrete dates back to ancient Rome. The Romans used a different combination of elements to create a binding mixture than their modern-day equivalent.

The wheel is perhaps the best and yet worse invention of all time. Let me use Thailand where I live as an example. Outside of my office are some old wooden wheels once used on a cart drawn by buffaloes. That’s why you get the ads that are so effective in grabbing your interest. I know some of them don’t even make any sens. hy am i being shown an ad that is promoting a particular perfume?

Human beings are the worst thing to happen to every living species on the planet, including other humans. As a species we consume and reproduce without regard to how it affects our local and general environment. We alter and destroy environments wholesale again without regard for the repercussions. Humans are worst than animals. Humans should be annihilated and animals should be given the chance to enjoy life. Humans are basically hatred,Warriors,greedy. Killing humanity everyday in wars is a proof that humans are waste of space. Animals and birds deserve best life on earth than humans. Humans can only make it worse. The worst human being is a human being.


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